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Dolomagic Mountain Guides Val Gardena
Dolomagic Mountain Guides Val Gardena
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To the Three Peaks - The best hikes to Three Peaks

Although (almost) all paths lead to Rome, some also lead to the Three Peaks - next to the idyllic Lake Braies, a natural highlight in the Pustertal Vallesy. Yes, in Val Pusteria Valley - your attention is correctly directed - due to the Italian name “Tre Cime di Lavaredo”, many may assume that the Three Peaks do not belong to South Tyrol, but to the neighboring province of Belluno. The border between South Tyrol and Belluno actually runs along the Three Peaks. Nevertheless: The magical north side of the Three Peaks lies in South Tyrolean territory, while the south side belongs to the Belluno area.

When visiting the Dolomites, you should plan a hike to the 3 Peaks .

The 4 most important climbs to the Drei Zinnen Hütte and the Drei Zinnen are described here.


Hiking Three Peaks

The classic hiking trail leads from the Val Fiscalina Valley car park in Val Ficalina near Sesto to the Tre Cime Hut . You start at the valley end hut and walk comfortably down into the valley and then follow signpost 102. This leads uphill through the Altensteintal, surrounded by the impressive Sesto sundial. The path initially meanders steeply along the Einserkofel, overcomes the tree line and, after about 3 hours of walking, reaches a picturesque plateau with the Bodensees below the Paternkofel. A short climb finally takes you to the Drei Zinnen Hut, which rewards you with a breathtaking panorama of the peaks. The descent takes place on the same path.

Total walking time: about 6 - 7 hours | Difference in altitude: 950 meters

Always with the focus on the Three Peaks: the starting point is the Hohlensteintal. Starting from Toblach, there is always an impressive view of the striking Three Peaks. The path with number 102 initially leads leisurely through the Rienz Valley and later steeper through the Rinbon Valley, overcoming terrain steps and serpentines until it leads to the Lang Alm at the foot of the Drei Zinnen. The path to the Drei Zinnen Hut is not far from there. Total walking time: about 6 hours | Elevation difference: 1,000 meters

The access to the Drei Zinnen from Innerfeldtal is less well known. There is a spacious parking lot at the entrance to the Innerfeldtal, between San Candido and Sesto. From here you can reach the Dreischusterhütte in about 1 hour and 15 minutes on foot (the parking lot is subject to a charge). Alternatively, a shuttle to the Dreischusterhütte is available from here. Early risers who start before 9 a.m. (which is recommended for a day trip to the Three Peaks) can drive to the second parking lot, the "Antoniusstein", and reach the Dreischusterhütte in about 20 minutes on foot. Signpost no. 105 then takes you to the north side of the Toblinger Junction for about 3 hours. If you turn right, you will reach the Sextnerstein and finally the Drei Zinnen Hütte. The way back is along the same route.

Total walking time: about 5 - 6 hours | Elevation difference: 1,000 meters

Hikes Three Peaks Dolomites

A challenging hiking route that leads to the south side of the Three Peaks. The starting point is on Lake Antorno, about 6 km above Misurina, and can be easily reached by car (or by bus). The hiking trail first leads through forest and later over rocky terrain uphill to below the Col delle Bisce, where the ridge has to be crossed. There are continuous climbs and descents and the toll road has to be crossed several times. The last 4-5 serpentines lead along the road to Rifugio Auronzo, the parking lot for the Three Peaks. If you want to go to the north side of the Three Peaks from here, you can do so via hiking trail no. 101, which leads to the Lavaredo Hut and further to the Paternsattel in just under an hour. Total walking time: about 3 hours | Elevation difference: 463 meters

From the Drei Zinnen hut you can hike to the Paternsattel. From there you can reach the Auronzo Hut via the Lavaredo Hut. From here a bus takes you back to the valley.

Mountain hiking guide Tre Cime

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